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Unreleased Volume 1

Whenever an album first hits the streets, I like to include a little something extra ... usually in the form of B-Sides. "Trophies from Sheol: Collector's Edition" was no exception. This album included (aside from the electronic pieces) "Unreleased Volume 1", which had 3 additional tracks. The first original track was entitled The Tears and an alternate take of both Shower Rock Star and Monster. These last 2 were originally released on "Influences of Six" in 2006.

The Tears

you've gone away, i'm here to stay, you fell today
you cried.

you're goin' away and you're flyin' away and
you're driving away and you're goin' and goin'
you want to be here
but you can't stay right here
but you weren't right here
but you were and you were
and you said you'd said yes and i made you my guest
and i pulled back your hair and I smiled and smiled
you looked at my feet and you smiled at me
and we smiled and we laughed and we sighed and we smiled
and we sat on the beach and we stared for awhile

you've gone today, for you same way, for us some day
i cried.

you've gone - okay, for you no gray, not astray
you cried.


i've gone away, you are there to stay, i fell today
i cried.

with you we've gone away, with you here we stay, we, we were here
we cried.


Shower Rock Star (Acoustic)

I am a star, I like it swell.
I am a rock star but you can't even tell.
I don't like my red costumes.
They get in my way when I play all my hit tunes.
I get to play to topless girls.
I get to play solos while wearing no clothes.

I am a rock star, a shower rock star.
I sing everyday while scrubbing my face,
and under my arms and between my legs.
I rock everyday though I do not get paid.

I am a poet without words.
I am a troubador 'cause I hum to the chords.
I get to travel to my den.
Paper in my hand with my pilot pen.
I write songs about the girls.
I write songs about the make-outs and the break-ups.


In the shower, in the tub...
I am embarrassed to sing at the clubs.
I am depressed 'cause I can't sing.
I am sad because you heard everything.
You heard me sing about the lies, true stories and off-key tragedies.

<alt. chorus>

Monster (Alt Take, Piano)

Door closes off to work, then you drive... (you drive)
The monster knows you're gone, and I hide... ( I hide)
The monster lures me out. It has toys.
I hear that you're near and I sleep... I fall asleep.

The monster knows that you're home and it hides.
You undress in my room.
Then you come and you check on me.
You lie next to me. You sleep with me.
The monster hiding in the wall runs out the door and down the hall.

I wake and you're gone, but I'm here (I'm not alone).
The monster's back again and I hide (I won't hide).
Me and the monster play with its toys.
We play into night. You won't be home, not tonight.

<instru. break>
<alt. chorus>

You know the monster is home and it hides.
You find a dress in my room.
You leave my room. You have your doubts.
You scream and shout. You kick me out.
The monster that was in the wall - she made us break. She made us fall.