Zombies Ate My Hamburger Album Cover Zombies Ate My Hamburger
Trophies from Sheol Album Cover Trophies from Sheol
Unreleased Volume 1 Album Cover Unreleased Volume 1
Influences of Six Album Cover Influences of Six
Unreleased Volume 0b Album Cover Unreleased Volume 0b
TCY: 2003 Album Cover TCY: 9903
Tea Time with a Vampire Album Cover Tea Time with a Vampire

The Composing Studio

Physical Instruments:

Ibanez 4 String Bass
Fender 4 String Jazz Bass, fretless
Epiphone Guitar
Casio Digital Piano

Favored Software/Plugs

FL Soundfont Player
Slayer 2/FX
Antares Auto-Tune
Digidesign Pro Tools
FL Studio 9 - Producer Edition

Computing/Audio Hardware

Custom Design Audio Workstation
Digidesign MBox
Behringer BCF2000 Motorized Control Surface
M-Audio BX8 Monitors