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Influences of Six Album Cover Influences of Six
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Recording Journal

Through the Block

August 30, 2011

Tues, 30 Aug 2011
I've been struggling for the past 60 days ... though probably longer in actuality ... with writer's block. I am uber happy that I've actually made some progress. 'Untitled IOS03' has been renamed to 'One' and the third verse is finally written. I'm really frustrated with the final track -- this is probably the oldest one of the foursome, but everything related to vocals has managed to elude me thus far. I may have to shake up the chord progression a little. BAH!
  • Window Painted Black (ready for tracking)
  • Make Believe (ready for tracking)
  • One (ready for tracking)
  • Untitled IOS02 (no change)

Rough Cuts

June 30, 2011

With the possibility of jury duty looming over me, I scrambled to lay down some rough tracks thinking that I could maybe come up with some lyrics while sitting for hours in the jury room. As luck would have it, my services were not needed for either day. Yay low crime rate. It did kick me in gear though as the rough tracks (sorry, no clips) are ready for me to listen to during my daily commute.
  • Window Painted Black (no change)
  • Make Believe (no change)
  • Untitled IOS03 (rough pitches/rhythm for vox)
  • Untitled IOS02 (no change)

Tracks Rearranged

June 18, 2011

Did this one the other day ... this is the first time that the order of the tracks is different than the order in which they were written. Actually, that isn't entirely true. On "Zombies", Burger This! was written in the track 4 slot. It obviously makes a much better closer. The new order is listed below along with the following updates:
  • Window Painted Black (no change)
  • Make Believe (no change)
  • Untitled IOS03 (chords final, rough pitches for vox)
  • Untitled IOS02 (no change)

Back in the Swing

June 9, 2011

I've taken a break from other projects and am back again swinging away at the music. This is how the tracks have changed so far. Admittedly, not much in quantity, but a fair amount in quality:
  • Make Believe (no change)
  • Window Painted Black (title, lyrics)
  • Untitled IOS02 (no change)
  • Untitled IOS03 (rough chords)
I'm also debating about rereleasing "Influences of Six" once I finish this album. The rerelease will feature (should it come to fruitition) some rerecording, remixing, and remastering. We shall see though, I have plenty on my plate right now.


January 21, 2011

I'm either a genius or mad ... though there is the possibility that both are true :-p
Aside from the album listed in post 011511, I am really quite ecstatic to report that I'm also working on a second album. This one will be called "A Unique Listening Experience" and will be henceforth be shown abbreviated as "EULA". I promise that this will make sense in time. My hope is that when I get writer's block with one of the albums, I can hopefully work on the other. I can tell you that this one is planned to be some kind of hybrid between "Trophies from Sheol" and "Zombies Ate My Hamburger". It's going to be a great album and I'm really excited about the possibilities with this album.

Off the Wagon

January 15, 2011

This is the first official entry to my latest creations. It's been a year and 10 days since the Zombies sprung free. I have two distinct EP ideas floating around in my head ... and they have started to manifest themselves. The first is sort of reminiscent of "Influences of Six". The breakdown for the guitar music is as such:
  • Make Believe
  • Untitled IOS01
  • Untitled IOS02
  • (Possibly a studio version of The Tears)
Make Believe is coming along the quickest ... undoubtedly why it also has a title. Rhythm guitar is complete, about 75% of the lyrics are complete, and the lyrical melodies are complete.
Untitled IOS01 is a very upbeat sort of tune. It almost reminds me of R.E.M.'s Star 69. Chords are almost completely done. I'm still working out the bridge.
IOS02 is pretty much in the exact same state as IOS01. Lyrical content for both of these is proving to be challenging.
The fourth track is pretty much in the completion percentage of about ... well, zero. I'm toying with the idea of doing a studio version of The Tears ... I think that could be interesting.