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Trophies from Sheol

After I had finished I'm Dead, I was trying to come up with a good title for this album. It was around the same time that I began reading up on Buddhism and the Judaism. Research is a funny thing. I had started on Buddhism around 10 o'clock in the evening this one particular night. By the time I decided to call it a night, I had been lead to astral projection and the time was almost 2 in the morning.

I had already decided that I wanted the album to be a religous mutt. The day after the astral projection reading, I decided to revisit some of the other material that I had found. When it was the part of the day for me to do my cleansing, it was time for the brainstorming to begin. I find the shower to be very good for creative thinking. It was there that "Trophies from the Afterlife" was born. During a conversation that occurred a few days later, that title was changed to the title "Trophies from Sheol".

A Prelude to Hell

I guess it was the Fall of 2005 or the Winter of 2006 that I had an opportunity to listen to the 'Bass Communion' album entitled "Ghosts on Magnetic Tape". I remember this one night I was listening to it with the lights out and I found this particular track (3 or 4) to be quite disturbing ... especially when played in a big empty house with the lights out. I decided that I wanted to write some music that would really scare the listener. That project has since been placed on hold, but some elements managed to creep into this introductory piece.

I'm Dead

I had recently made some really incredible changes in April of 2006. I think the change in my mental state is really reflected in track number 2 from this album. During the course of my life, I've only written what I feel are 2 perfect chord progressions. The first was in An Introduction to Insomnia - the motif of:


The second is (in I'm Dead) at the beginning of the first bridge. It's a beautiful progression:

Esus4=>Cdim.=>G#==>C#maj7 => C#=>C#maj7=>G7sus4=>G7

The other interesting thing about this one is the ending. I had absolutely no idea what key I was in because I was writing by ear. I remember printing out the score and doing an analysis while watching something on the travel channel. I think it was like multi-million dollar cabins or something like that. So, with my pen and score in hand, I began to do my harmonic analysis ... just like I used to do in college. So I guess those 4 semesters of theory weren't a waste afterall.


For as long as I can remember, I've had this fascination with skeletons. Charon (kâr'in) is the ferryman of Hades in Greek Mythology that takes the newly dead across the river Acheron (often confused with the river Styx).

The rhythm track is definitely interesting in this one. I remember reading a post from someone suggesting placing a four beat against a three beat. At the time, I was just getting ready to write this piece. The rhythm track is definitely key to this one. If you know the name of the piece and you listen to the rhythm track, you'll know where in the transporation you are. Listen to it with that in mind.


The idea is taken from Tibetan Buddhism ... of which I, admittedly, have a very rudimentary understanding. The idea behind this one is three different stages (Bardos) that are different in and of themselves. The interesting challenge was then stitching them together to create something a little more unified. The third bardo is either rebirth or, appropriately, merging with 'God'. The end is open for interpretation ...

A little extra something for you - there is a reference to the rock band 'Queen' in this one as well as a reference to 'Evanescence'. Happy hunting!

Trophies from Sheol (credits)

This album, "Trophies from Sheol", is not meant to have a physical format. It is recognized that most people will not want to download the full uncompressed audio files. Because of this, a silver promo disc (numbered) can be requested at the time of download.

In no particular order, special thanks go out to the following. Lauren, you really impacted me mentally in all kinds of ways. Craig, you introduced me to Bass Communion which really got this snowball going. Bill, I am forever grateful for the determination that you made me impose on myself. Dave, you totally got me going in the electronic realm. Andrea and Crystal, you made comments to me that reflected how anxious you were to hear some of my new material. And Justin, for indirectly supplying me with the artwork.

This album contains mostly synthesized sounds and sampled coins and screams. I am always curious for reactions.

Trophies from Sheol is a four song EP. The Collector's Edition comes with three bonus tracks. It was written and recorded from April until June of 2006. Recording info:

Recording (Bensalem, PA)
Rough Mixes (Bensalem, PA)
Secondary Mixes for The Tears and Monster (Houston, Texas)
Secondary Mixes for A Prelude to Hell, I'm Dead, Charon, and Bardo (Fairbanks, Alaska)
Secondary Mixes for Shower Rock Star (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Final Mixes and Mastering (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

Recording, mixing, and mastering were done by Everywhere Productions. Published and distributed by Everywhere Productions Music Library. All compositions, engineering, and production are of the composer, Dan Swift © 2006.

" ... thanks for stopping by. Expect a full album by the end of 2006." -D