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Disc 1:
More Info Audio Clip The Southern Belle Waltz
More Info Audio Clip The Rocketship Lucidity
More Info Audio Clip Untitled Oil on Canvas
More Info Audio Clip Marriage Sonata
More Info Audio Clip Loss
More Info Audio Clip An Introduction to Insomnia
More Info Found Sounds
More Info Audio Clip Untitled for VST
More Info Collage
More Info Audio Clip Shades of Gray
More Info Audio Clip Permutations

Disc 2:
More Info Audio Clip Out of Shelter # 413
More Info Audio Clip Sign of the Times
More Info Audio Clip Unt. for Pianos/Synths
More Info Audio Clip D&B
More Info Audio Clip Untitled for Pop Organ
More Info Audio Clip Death of a Sailor
More Info Audio Clip Untitled for Synths
More Info Audio Clip Blooming Garden
More Info Audio Clip Electronic Shorts

TCY: 2003

TCY: 2003 is a collection of pieces written over a 5 year span. Running almost 94 minutes, it includes music written for classical musical instruments, voice, and electronic instruments. While almost all music on this album is electronically rendered, one piece is performed by a live orchestra.

The Southern Belle Waltz

Recorded running time: 4:26
Medium: Piano
Info: G Major

The Rocketship Lucidity

Recorded running time: 5:11
Medium: Moog Synthesizers
Info: D Major

Untitled Oil on Canvas

Recorded running time: 4:50
Medium: Saxophone Quartet
Info: F Major

Marriage Sonata

Recorded running time: 10:38
Medium: Piano
Info: Classical Sonata Form. G Minor


Recorded running time: 1:51
Medium: Electronic
Info: For the never-released video game, Duncannon

An Introduction to Insomnia (Live)

Recorded running time: 6:00
Medium: Full Orchestra
Info: F Major

Found Sounds

Recorded running time: 1:03
Medium: Samples

Untitled for VST

Recorded running time: 1:02
Medium: Electronic


Recorded running time: x:47
Medium: Samples

Shades of Gray

Recorded running time: 5:01
Medium: Piano and Voice (Synthesized)
Info: G Major


Recorded running time: 12:13
Medium: Piano
Info: Classical sonata form. C Major

Out of Shelther # 413

Recorded running time: 12:12
Medium: Brass Trio (2 Baritones, Tuba)
Info: 4 movements. C Major, B Major, F Major, F Minor
Dawn (3:36)
Commitments (2:36)
Irony (3:38)
Departure (2:22)

Sign of the Times

Recorded running time: 6:19
Medium: Violin Duet
Info: D Major

Untitled for Pianos and Synths

Recorded running time: 6:19
Medium: Violin Duet


Recorded running time: 1:43
Medium: Electronic

Untitled for Pop Organ

Recorded running time: 1:48
Medium: Electronic/Synth Organ

Death of a Sailor

Recorded running time: 6:30
Medium: Solo Flute
Info: C Major

Untitled for Synths

Recorded running time: 2:59
Medium: Electronic

Blooming Garden

Recorded running time: 3:20
Medium: Electronic

Electronic Shorts

Recorded running time: 3:12
Medium: Electronic
Untitled Electronic Short 01 (x:24)
Untitled Electronic Short 02 (x:19)
Untitled Electronic Short 03 (x:17)
Untitled Electronic Short 04 (x:17)
Untitled Electronic Short 05 (x:22)
Untitled Electronic Short 06 (x:17)
Untitled Electronic Short 07 (x:15)
Untitled Electronic Short 08 (x:06)
Untitled Electronic Short 09 (x:17)
Untitled Electronic Short 10 (x:22)
Untitled Electronic Short 11 (x:16)