Zombies Ate My Hamburger Album Cover Zombies Ate My Hamburger
Trophies from Sheol Album Cover Trophies from Sheol
Unreleased Volume 1 Album Cover Unreleased Volume 1
Influences of Six Album Cover Influences of Six
Unreleased Volume 0b Album Cover Unreleased Volume 0b
TCY: 2003 Album Cover TCY: 9903
Tea Time with a Vampire Album Cover Tea Time with a Vampire

Dan Swift, Composer

"The ticketa-tick-tap of the computer keys, the rapid-fire click click of the mouse button, and then a string of musical notes, break the silence momentarily. The musical movement rises in a beeping language that is supposed to resemble a piano, but sounds more like a Pac-man machine doing its best impression of Beethoven's Fifth. The scales and chords resonate around the room, rising and falling in perfect harmony, until a harsh blast of mismatched notes are vomited from the crackly speakers, and the movement abruptly grinds to a halt. A heavy sigh followed by an up-tempo drumming of fingers on the desktop signaling his frustration is heard. Then a flash of inspiration sets off his next salvo of ticks and clicks, and again the piece is set to take-off for another trial run. This time the harsh blast is replaced by an ear-pleasing crescendo of perfectly blended tones. The composer has done it - the piece is finished."

- EZB circa 2001